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"Ziyang Express Door" Material and thickness of stacked curtain fabric

Author: Ziyang stacking doors wholesale Published: 2020/1/9 10:18:13

"Ziyang Express Door" Material and thickness of stacked curtain fabric

How thick is the material of the curtain for quick doors?

As the most commonly used door in modern enterprises, its fast-growing market value and future prospects are inestimable, and it is constantly developing. How can we lag behind in the environment that will focus on environmental protection?

作为门的主体部分,我们采用的都是最新的环保材料,无气味,并且整体配件的配合,我们做到了保温,抗风,洁净,静音的目的。 As the main part of the door, the curtains are made of the latest environmentally friendly materials, odorless, and with the cooperation of the overall accessories, we have achieved the purposes of heat insulation, wind resistance, cleanliness, and silence.

Ziyang factory stacking door

The operating speed of Ziyang stacking door exceeds 0.6M per second. In order to reach this level, in addition to the electrical control system, the curtain also plays a vital role. It must be thin and light, and have good flexibility. Environment, it must be resistant to high temperatures and cold, with a thickness between 0.8 mm and 2.0 mm;

Physical parameters: Tensile strength: 5700/5100 N / 5cm; The thickness of the PVC film in the window is 1.3mm-2.0mm;

Of course, there are many accessories that we haven't introduced yet, and they all occupy an irreplaceable position for the barrier-free operation of Hangzhou Quick Gate.

What is the material of fast rolling door curtain?

是镀锌钢管/铝合金型材,轨道是冷轧钢板喷防腐漆或氟碳漆,门头包厢是冷轧钢板喷漆 The door cloth is polyester fiber coated cloth, the wind resistance is galvanized steel pipe / aluminum alloy profile, the track is cold-rolled steel plate sprayed with anticorrosive paint or fluorocarbon paint, and the door box is painted with cold-rolled steel plate.

The fast shutter door is widely used in many places because of its stable wind resistance, fast opening and closing, easy operation, and safe use, such as residential underground garages, factory buildings, workshops, logistics passages, warehouses and other places.

The picture shows the door fabric of the fast-stacking door produced by our company. The door fabric is made of industrial-specific polyester fiber base fabric, high-strength environmental protection polyester fiber, double-sided PVC coating, thickness 0.8mm-1.2mm .

Colors are available in yellow, blue, red, gray, white, and orange.

Quick shutter door is a new type of industrial quick door product. Its advanced nature determines the importance of usual maintenance.

If the maintenance work can be done during normal use, it can successfully reduce a lot of unnecessary capital and labor expenses, reduce maintenance costs, and extend product life.

Why are there a lot of wrinkles or cracks in the rapid shutter door?

First, the door cloth is relatively thin, and the use of thick curtain cloth has a lower chance of wrinkles.

2. The temperature of the hot air welder is too high or too low.

3. The stitches are too dense when sewing with a sewing machine.

Fourth, when using the sewing machine, the rack feeds the cloth automatically when the cloth is fed by the sewing machine. The solution is manual auxiliary conveyance.

Fifth, the door cloth is not straightened when it is penetrated into the aluminum alloy windproof rod.

6. The welding machine and cloth were not made according to the process, which caused excessive folding of the stacking door.

Seven, the use of high-frequency welding machine is easier to level the door cloth, high-frequency welding machine is pressure and temperature paste the door cloth, the hot air is welding the door cloth during walking, so there may be the formation of wrinkles.

Mianyang underground garage stacked doors

In summary, there are too many wrinkles on the stacked door curtains, which are related to the production raw materials provided by the manufacturer and the advanced level of the technology and equipment of the workers.

How much is a square meter for fast rolling door to replace electric curtain?

The long-term use of the fast rolling shutter door may cause the curtain to become old. However, the electronic control system and the track are intact. If the quick door is replaced directly, it will definitely be a waste of money, so replacing the curtain is a good choice.

的材质,有铝合金和镀锌钢管两种。 When replacing the cord, you must first measure the exact size and determine the material of the practical wind resistance . There are two types of aluminum alloy and galvanized steel pipe.

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