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"Chengdu Quick Door" Application of Hard Quick Door in Stereo Garage

Author: Chengdu speed doors wholesale Published: 2019/12/19 8:55:47

"Chengdu Quick Door" Application of Hard Quick Door in Stereo Garage

The application of quick doors can be said to be more and more widespread, not only in underground garages, factories, and shops, but now it has begun to be used in cargo transportation corridors in some workshops and in stereo garages in some cities.

,保温效果,而且,可以达到全自动开启的功能,并且可以延时关闭,防砸,做到了美观,实用、安全、使用寿命高。 It has good wind resistance and thermal insulation effects. Moreover, it can achieve the function of fully automatic opening, and can be closed for a delay, preventing smashing. It is beautiful, practical, safe and has a long service life.

It is the best choice for many factories and parking lots.

Chengdu Turbo Hard Quick Door

"Chengdu Stacking Door" Application of Hard Quick Door in Stereo Garage

In some developed cities, the daily traffic flow and parking volume are very large due to economic, cultural, and industrial influences.

Because most cities in China are not well planned when they are under construction, the proportion of parking cars is mostly 1: 2.5 or higher, and a large number of vehicles do not have parking positions. As a result, a large number of traffic jams and random parking occur as soon as the parking peak period is reached. The phenomenon

But nowadays, there is not much free land in major cities for outdoor parking. If you need to solve this problem, you should vigorously develop the stereo garage. The advantage of the stereo garage is that it has a small area

However, a large number of vehicles can be placed. Usually, in a place with 3 parking spaces, 12 to 34 vehicles can be placed using a stereo garage. If a stereo garage is used, the problem of difficult parking can be greatly alleviated.

This is not only suitable for specialized parking garages, but also for corporate units. Most companies do not lease extra parking spaces. If the company has a large number of employees, there may be insufficient parking spaces. Using a three-dimensional garage is just fine. Good solution to this problem.

After talking about the three-dimensional garage, let's talk about which garage doors can be used. Most of the common three-dimensional garages do not have garage doors, which is inconvenient to manage, and may be occupied by others and may not be used by employees of their own units.

,这个情况适用有相关管理的区域,比如专门的人员管理的停车场。 At this time, the garage door can play a very good management role. Previously, Xiaobian mentioned that the three-dimensional garage can be installed and used with quick doors . This situation applies to areas with related management, such as parking spaces managed by special personnel.

However, if the vehicle is relatively remote or placed luxuriously, it needs a certain anti-theft effect.

是采用优质的铝板压模而成,开关速度1.2m~2m/s,有很好的防盗作用。 The turbo hard quick door, which is often used in underground garage doors, is a high-quality choice. The door of the turbo hard quick door is made of high-quality aluminum die stamping. The switching speed is 1.2m ~ 2m / s, which has a good anti-theft effect.

The three-dimensional garage with a hard quick door is a good combination, not only the overall appearance is scientific and technical, but also very high-end, it is the best choice for personal villas.

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