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"Zaozhuang Rolling Door" How to choose a quick door

Author: Original Published: 2019/10/8 8:39:22

枣庄卷帘门 如何选购快速门 " Zaozhuang Rolling Door " How to choose a quick door

快速卷帘门 的时代一定要注意如下几点,首先就是安全装置。 In the era of choosing fast shutter doors , we must pay attention to the following points. The first is the safety device. The light sensor system under the quick door rail produced by our company is equipped with a light sensor system, which blocks the light sensor system when the vehicle passes, and the door will automatically rebound when it descends. Then there is a safety gas sensing device under the door curtain. When the vehicle passes, the safety gas sensor will automatically rise when the door is closed. Therefore, double protection can be achieved, and users can use it with peace of mind. There are several ways to open the quick door

1. Double-sided radar: people and vehicles can pass in both directions, and the radar sensing limitations can be adjusted;

2. Double-sided geomagnetic ring: The targeted opening method must be a metal object entering the geomagnetic confined door before it can be opened. For example forklifts, hand trucks, electric vehicles, etc .;

遥控式 :遥控可配备专门的遥控器,遥控距离可达到十米局限,开启便利 3. Remote control : The remote control can be equipped with a special remote control, and the remote control distance can reach the limit of ten meters, which is convenient to open.

"Zaozhuang Rolling Door" How to choose a quick door

4. Double-sided rope: The inside and outside of the door is equipped with rope rope switches, which can be manually opened and closed when people and cars pass;

5. Card swipe type: The card swipe device can be equipped with multiple magnetic cards, which can be swiped directly when passing;

6. Interlocking type: Generally used in the cleanest workshop. Two sets of doors can be directly interlocked. When one set of doors is closed, the other set of doors can be opened.

快速卷帘门产物的选择,可根据客户要求订做。 The above is about the selection of fast rolling door products, which can be customized according to customer requirements.

After-sales is also a very important issue in the era of choosing fast shutter doors. Different environments require different fast shutter doors, and the use of each type of fast shutter door is also different.

Therefore, in the era of choosing fast shutter doors, it is necessary to study well, and choose a manufacturer of fast shutter doors that has certain qualifications, quality assurance, and is truly suitable for itself. Sincerely look forward to cooperating with you, welcome customers to visit our company.

"Zaozhuang Rolling Door" How to choose a quick door

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