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"Panzhihua Rolling Door" Rolling Door Material

Author: Original Published: 2019/9/19 15:48:04

攀枝花卷帘门 卷帘门材料 " Panzhihua Rolling Door " Rolling Door Material

卷帘门是通过多关节活动的门片串连在一起的,在固定的滑道内,以门上方卷轴为中间转动上下的门。 As is known to all, rolling shutter doors are connected in series by multi-articulated door flaps. In a fixed slide, the upper and lower doors are rotated with the scroll shaft above the door as the middle. Its structure can be roughly divided into: curtain plate, seat plate, guide rail, support, reel, box, control box, door roller, limiter, manual speed switch device and safety device. Normally, it is not convenient to install on the wall partition

布局 First, the layout

工业滑升门接纳扭簧平衡系统来平衡门体的重量,使大门在没有电机时也能轻松运行,改变了卷帘门只是电机运行的形式,增加了大门的使用方便性。 1. The industrial sliding door adopts a torsion spring balance system to balance the weight of the door body, so that the door can be easily operated without a motor, which changes the mode of the roller shutter door that is only operated by a motor and increases the convenience of the door.

  工业滑升门可以顺着天花板、墙壁安装轨道使门体运行时合理的利用空间,克服了卷帘门 只能使用固定的安装空间的缺点,提高了车间内部的空间利用率。 2. The industrial sliding door can be installed along the ceiling and the wall to make reasonable use of space when the door is running, which overcomes the shortcomings of the roller shutter door that can only use a fixed installation space and improves the space utilization inside the workshop.

  工业滑升门的门体接纳横向分体折页式连接,使大门更易于维修和更换。 3. The door body of the industrial sliding door adopts the horizontal split hinge connection, which makes the door easier to repair and replace. At the same time, small doors and windows can be opened. The use of interlocking devices to open small doors facilitates the passage of personnel and ensures the safety of the operation of the door. It fully reflects the convenience of the passage and saves energy.

、门体接纳了轴承式运行,不但克服了卷帘门运行噪音大的缺点,而且使大门运行的更平稳 4. The door body adopts bearing-type operation, which not only overcomes the shortcomings of rolling door noise, but also makes the door run more smoothly.

攀枝花卷帘门 卷帘门材料 " Panzhihua Rolling Door " Rolling Door Material


、工业滑升门门体接纳双层热锓镀锌钢板内部聚氨脂发泡填充与普通卷帘门相比提高了阻燃性,与防火卷帘门相比大大降低了成本。 1. The industrial sliding door body adopts double-layer hot-rolled galvanized steel sheet with polyurethane foam filling. Compared with ordinary rolling shutter doors, it has improved flame retardancy and greatly reduced costs compared with fire-resistant rolling shutter doors.
、工业滑升门电机与卷帘门电机相比增加了许多功能,可以外接遥控器、雷达、地磁环等电气开关 ; 可以接红外线、气囊安全边等保护装置。 2. The industrial sliding door motor has many functions compared with the rolling door motor. It can be connected with remote control, radar, geomagnetic ring and other electrical switches ; it can be connected with infrared, airbag safety edge and other protection devices.

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