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"Ziyang Stacked Door" Cause Analysis of Wrinkles on Soft Curtains

Author: Ziyang rapid accumulation of doors custom-made Published: 2019/12/14 22:07:27

"Ziyang Stacked Door" Cause Analysis of Wrinkles on Soft Curtains

Both the user and the manufacturer want the quick door installed by themselves to be beautiful, stable, and smooth, especially in appearance

For example, a door, the color of the track is uneven, the color of the curtain is unreasonable, or the wrinkles are serious, then the first impression is very embarrassing, which will greatly reduce the corporate image.

Analysis of Wrinkles in Piling Cloth of "Ziyang Express Door"

I believe that you must be very uncomfortable when you see this situation. The price of a door should be more than 18,000 yuan. If the appearance is not close, how can you use it with ease in terms of quality?

就有很明显的褶皱呢? Speaking of which, let's analyze it, why are there some obvious wrinkles in quick curtains?

First, the door cloth is relatively thin, the use of thick door cloth is less likely to fold.

Second, using hot air welding machine temperature is too high or too low

Third, the stitches are too dense when sewing with a sewing machine

Fourth, when using the sewing machine, the rack feeds the cloth automatically when the cloth is delivered. The solution is manual auxiliary conveyance.

的时候没有抻直处理。 5. The door cloth is not straightened when it is penetrated into the aluminum alloy windproof rod .

6. The welding machine and cloth were not made according to the process, which caused excessive stacking of the door.

Seven, the use of high-frequency welding machine is easier to level the door cloth, high-frequency welding machine is pressure and temperature paste the door cloth, the hot air is welding the door cloth during walking, so there may be the formation of wrinkles.

In summary, there are too many wrinkles on the fast curtain fabric, which are related to the production raw materials provided by the manufacturer and the advanced level of the technology and equipment of the workers.

To avoid this situation, of course, it is necessary to investigate the root cause and solve the problem from the manufacturer. The user cannot have enough manufacturers how to produce and operate, but you can choose a strong manufacturer

,其次要有专业的生产和安装团队,并且要对自己生产的快速门检验严格,对品质要求精益求精,只有这种态度和决心,才能够为您提供优质的产品和服务。 First of all, we must have advanced production equipment , secondly, we must have a professional production and installation team, and we must be strict about the inspection of our own fast doors and keep improving the quality requirements. Only with this attitude and determination can we provide you with quality products and service.

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