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What is the width of the Chengdu Gate?

Author: Chengdu, rapid accumulation of doors Published: 2019/12/14 22:05:33

What is the width of the Chengdu Gate?

For the quick door, you have three important data, one is the size of the opening, the other is the passing size, and the third is the production size.

The component of a fast gate that is related to all three data is the track of the gate.

What is the width of the Chengdu Express Gate stacking track?

Chengdu Express Gate Track

The quick door track is used to support the entire door and provides a place for the curtain to operate, so it is a quick door accessory that you can't avoid, no matter how you save

,为了避免帘布在轨道内运行所发出的噪音,双侧加安全背带,即降低了噪音又避免了帘布的磨损。 The width of the track is usually 20cmm, and the brushes are sealed on both sides. In order to avoid the noise of the cord running in the track, safety straps are added on both sides, which reduces the noise and avoids the wear of the cord.

Chengdu stack gate track replacement

Depending on the size of the door, the thickness of the track we designed is also different, because the larger the door body, the greater the supporting force required.

Usually 9 square meters use 1.5--1.8mm, and at least 2.0--2.5mm larger than this size

,我们还有再静电喷涂,这样就保证了,它的颜色持久如新。 In addition, sufficient anti-oxidation and anti-rust maintenance treatment must be done on the surface of the fast-track door, because its own material is galvanized cold-rolled steel plate , and we also have electrostatic spraying, which guarantees that its color is durable like New.

There are three commonly used cold-rolled steel plates, stainless steel and aluminum alloy for the track of the quick door. The first one we introduce to you today is the most commonly used and economical one.

The material selection and manufacturing process of the track not only determine the aesthetics of the quick door, but also affect the wind resistance and service life of the door to a certain extent.

Chengdu quick door repair

Therefore, Longsheng Door Industry (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. has improved the traditional track. You can visit the offices of our company to investigate.

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。 If you have a purchase plan, or if you have any questions about the use of the quick door, please call Longsheng Door Industry Chengdu Branch and we will arrange a technician to answer your questions patiently .

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