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『Nanchong Quick Door』 Aluminum alloy hard quick door servo control system

Author: Nanchong hard fast door wholesale Published: 2020/1/9 10:34:52

『Nanchong Quick Door』 Aluminum alloy hard quick door servo control system

Explanation of the working principle of the hard quick door control system

Industrial quick door is a kind of automatic control door for vertical lifting, which is used in logistics places of enterprise workshops and warehouses.

的旋转运动驱动。 Industrial fast door opening and closing speed is very fast (about 2m / s), the whole curtain is generally made of PVC light soft material, the operation mode has the form of rolling curtain and folding, etc., directly driven by the rotary motion of the motor.

1. System composition The system composition is shown in Figure 1. The circuit board uses integrated printed circuits. The main object of control is the positive and negative rotation of the AC electrode and its braking.

The working power supply uses 380V AC industrial power, and the control voltage of the circuit board is 12-24V DC.

The system works by sending the on / off signal, light sensor (safety electric eye) signal, upper and lower limit switches, emergency protection and other signals to the logic controller for logical judgment to control the forward and reverse operation of the motor, thereby driving the rapid opening of industrial doors. close.

Meishan Hard Quick Door

2. The control circuit board interface uses a terminal block, which can be inserted or removed as a whole, as shown in Figure 2.

In Figure 2, a is emergency hand-crank protection, b is automatic opening, c is manual opening, d is manual closing, e is upper and lower limit (feedback control signals of the highest and lowest positions of the door), and f is self / manual mode. Select, g is the safety electric eye (when there is an object under the door, the door cannot be lowered or the door in the downward direction is raised in the reverse direction), and h is the motor brake.

3. Operation flow chart Figure 3 is the operation flow in the automatic mode.

4. Conclusion The control system has the following characteristics:

1) High security Firstly, the braking system is adopted in the physical hardware, and it is in the braking state when power is cut off or faulted. Secondly, 2 pairs of safety electric eyes (light sensors) are used. When there are people or objects under the door, the door cannot be closed. When the door is lowering. Activation of the safety sensor also reverses the door.

2) High standardization and strong integration. All interfaces are connected through a row of terminal blocks, which can be plugged in or out as a whole, and it is very convenient to install, debug and maintain.

3) The function is highly scalable. The control circuit uses integrated circuits, adopts logic devices and micro-processing chips, and provides many expansion interfaces, such as interlocking between multiple doors, linkage control interfaces, and motor frequency conversion speed regulation interfaces.

4) High degree of automation and wide application The control system has manual and automatic operation modes, which can be selected according to needs.

『Nanchong Quick Door』 hard quick door installation steps

I. Shijiazhuang Turbo Hard Quick Door Installation

⑴ proofreading of installation position: the center of the turbine mechanism coincides with the center of the inside of the column;

⑵Installation: Use a forklift to lift the turbine on the column;

(3) Fixing: Fix the turbine mechanism and the column: Connect the turbine and the column with an external hex screw (with a flat washer) to fix it.

Second, the head spring installation

⑴Installation position: inside the columns on both sides;

⑵Sling installation: three to five turns on the main shaft;

(3) Fixing: The pre-loaded spring is stretched from the bottom to the bottom plate and fixed with bolts;

⑷Adjustment: After fixing, remove the chain and run smoothly without noise.

Third, the installation of the track

1) Installation position: Installed in the columns on both sides.

2) Positioning: Use laser level to check the level.

3) Installation:

⑴ Connection: Connect one end of the guide rail to one end of the turbine;

⑵Fixing: Use the rail fixing plate to fix the rail on the column and use it; the laser level or plumb check whether it is vertical.

Fourth, the motor installation

1) Wiring: In the trunking outside the column, see the wiring diagram of the control cabinet.

2) Install as shown below

⑴ Fix the reducer reinforcing plate on the turbine cover with bolts, and tighten the screws.

固定 Fix the motor reducer on the reducer reinforcing plate with bolts.

(3) Pull the motor fixing plate to the top and hang the double chain.

⑷Tighten the screw below the turbine, pull the motor tightly, and then lock the reducer strengthening plate.

Fifth, the installation of turbine door panels

铺 Lay the door panel in front of the door legs (the rubber strip is close to the door legs, and the door panel is bent and rotated toward the ground);

⑵Put the straight rail on the rubber wheels on both sides of the door panel (distinguish the upper and lower ends of the straight rail);

(3) Put the door panel upright and fix it in the initial position of the straight rail.

Six, chain installation

1) Installation position: Installed in the columns on both sides.

2) Installation:

⑴Hanging the chain: Hang the chain on the transmission gear of the turbine mechanism.

⑵Fixed chain connecting plate: Pass the hanging external chain through the bottom sprocket, use the connecting plate to fix both ends of the chain, and the two connecting plates on the same horizontal line.

(3) Fixing with the door plate: Connect the chain connecting plate with the door plate and fasten with bolts.

3) Adjustment: Pull up the external chain and drop the door to test whether the door weight and spring force match.

Seven, photoelectric installation

Fix the photoelectric through the round hole of the door leg. The four-core signal receiving end of the photoelectric is placed on the same side of the motor, and the two core wires must be placed on the other side.

安装 Installation of control box of servo system

1) Wiring: In principle, the control cabinet should be installed on the same side as the motor;

Installation height: If the user has no special location requirements, the default position is 1300mm from the bottom of the control cabinet to the ground;

2) Fixing: Use expansion bolts (brick-concrete structure wall), self-tapping drilling screws (steel structure wall) and control cabinet's own hardware to fix the control cabinet at the installation position.

Chengdu induction hard quick door


· The installation height is 1300mm from the bottom of the control cabinet to the ground, which can be adjusted appropriately according to user requirements.

• If space permits, the control cabinet should be installed on the same side of the motor.

3) Wiring


· Check whether the wiring is correct before power on to avoid equipment damage or hidden danger.

· The wiring is firm, and there is no looseness or fall-off during manual operation, which can prevent the power from being interrupted or cause safety hazards.

· Each device is connected to the control cabinet with a thickness of 30mm. The long parts are cut off and crimped and protected to prevent interference or safety hazards.

4) Motor wiring:

⑴Power line: U, V, W colors are red, white, and black respectively, corresponding to the control cabinet terminals U, V, and W;

⑵Brake cable: red and blue cables are connected to the brake terminal interface of the circuit board respectively;

线:连接到驱动器上。 (3) Encoder line: Connect to the driver.

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