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"Texas Turbo Hard Quick Door" manufacturers custom hard quick door

Author: Texas turbine hard fast door Published: 2020/1/6 12:10:35

"Texas Turbo Hard Quick Door" manufacturers custom hard quick door

What is the need to install rigid quick doors in the workshop?

。 There must be a hard quick door between the workshop and the workshop. Especially for food and pharmaceutical companies, which are mandatory by the government, it is necessary to use rapid roll-up doors to prevent secondary pollution of products.

Just like our national mandatory rules, certain occupations must be equipped with fire doors. Whether you want to or not, the factory has to be put into operation. Without fire doors, the factory will not be inspected.

Zipper type fast shutter door is a small and medium-sized indoor fast door suitable for frequent use.

Extremely high opening / closing speed and sealing performance improve logistics efficiency, effectively prevent dust, moisture and dirt from entering the room, providing you with a comfortable working environment.

Texas Turbo Hard Quick Door

The curtain is soft and flexible, and the entire curtain is free of any load and hard materials, ensuring that operators and cargo are completely protected in emergency situations.

High airtightness: The high airtightness of the combination of zipper track technology and curtains achieves energy saving, reduces cold air loss in the space, and abandons the traditional blade and brush sealing system.

Self-repairing, saving maintenance costs: When the door body is dislocated due to impact, the "repetitive mosaic" technology is the derailment automatic repair system, which automatically resets to the original state without any manual and external forces, effectively reducing maintenance time and saving use costs .

High security: The curtain is soft and flexible, and there is no load on the bottom of the door, ensuring that in an emergency, even if the operator is not protected, collision with the door will not cause injuries.

。 The factory's fast rolling shutter is also called the factory's industrial rolling shutter, the active rolling shutter, and the radar fast rolling shutter . It has such a nickname only because its door is activated and controlled differently.

The workshop should pay attention to maintenance and regular maintenance when using hard quick doors:

The maintenance personnel shall be composed of professionals, and the maintenance work shall be inspected by experienced and professional technicians who are familiar with subway conditions. Maintenance personnel should not be arbitrarily changed.

The ordinary rolling door, fire-proof rolling door, industrial lifting door, electric retractable door, sliding gate, electric induction door are operated, inspected and debugged normally after each sub-item maintenance operation.

Hard quick door inspection and maintenance access; inspection and maintenance of main and auxiliary shafts; inspection and maintenance of door body.

The inspectors should be composed of professionals, and the inspection work should be inspected by experienced and professional technicians who are familiar with subway conditions.

Inspection can be carried out visually, by ear, by hand, and supplemented by corresponding tools and instruments.

Ordinary rolling doors, fire-proof rolling doors, industrial lifting doors, electric retractable doors, sliding gates, and electric induction doors undergo overall operation, inspection, and debugging after each sub-item inspection.

After the on-site inspection is completed, the personnel and tools must be cleared, and the corresponding inspection and implementation records must be made.

Aba underground garage quick door

Importance of fast shutter door partitions for direct use of function in the workshop

The shutter door body is made of stainless steel and other materials. It adopts the parallelogram principle to transfer, which is flexible.

The driver is driven by a special motor, the worm and worm gear are decelerated, and a manual clutch is provided, which can be manually opened and closed when the power is off.

The rolling shutter door is a telescopic shed lattice type, which has the characteristics of smooth opening and closing, perspective door body, and small space after opening.

The quick door also has a special feature, that is, the height can be manipulated by a button.

For example, the height of a passing quick door is only 2 meters, but if there is a huge object passing through, such as a forklift, then we need to set the following height from the beginning.

,想要对一个产品有更深一步的知道,不仅要了解它的功能、价位和用处,更要了解它的作业流程、出产工艺和运用方法。 The quick door is a widely used product . If you want to know more about a product, you must not only understand its function, price, and usefulness, but also its operation process, production process, and application method.

The operation process of the shutter is as follows:

。 The first is to use the door opening sensor to announce the trigger signal to command the control system; the second is to control the system to announce the instruction to the inverter according to the current position of the fast door after receiving the instruction;

Let the fast shutter door rise quickly and lower the curtain after all vehicles pass by the pedestrian; it is to close the aisle and wait for the next door opening signal.

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