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Factory insulation fast stacking door

Author: Mianyang rapid accumulation of doors manufacturers Published: 2019/2/20 11:34:13

Mianyang plant thermal insulation fast stacking door

Workshop thermal insulation quick door

Different places of use and different user configuration requirements will affect the price of fast stacking doors

Today, using stacking doors in underground garages such as residential quarters and shopping malls as an example, how much is it for you?

Manufacturers calculate the selling price, usually the hole area is a fixed price within 9 square meters, beyond the area will be counted.

According to the standard configuration of Longsheng Doors, our door price plus method is 9500 + 600X

At the same time, there are more value-added services: free measuring scales, design solutions, free installation instructions, and motor and control box commissioning instructions.

We promise: one year warranty, the motor is damaged due to quality problems, and it will be replaced for life

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