Chengdu Longsheng Door Industry Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Longsheng Door Industry Co., Ltd. is an excellent manufacturer specializing in fast stacking doors, fast shutter doors, and rigid fast doors. The company was established in 2006 and has developed into a multi-functional company integrating sales, production, installation and after-sales maintenance. One-stop service enterprise to provide customers with high cost-effective services!
In the fierce market competition, Bihai Company keeps making progress and gradually develops into a well-known enterprise in the industry.

Address: Sandaoyan, Yi County, Chengdu Tel: 4006080090
Mobile: 18248288962
Contact: Manager Ai
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Quick door pictures

Quick stacking door, quick shutter door, rigid quick door, you can call 18248288962 for consultation at any time.
  • Automatic induction hard quick door

  • Turbo hard quick door

  • Factory hard quick door

  • Factory insulation fast stacking door

  • Large wind resistant stacking door

  • Underground garage fast stacking doors

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Tel: 18248288962 (Do not disturb the media) Contact: Manager Ai Copyright: Chengdu Longsheng Door Industry Co., Ltd.
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